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Better Roads and Paths

Each year the County Council asks every parish and town council to propose three priorities for possible inclusion in the annual Northumberland Transport Plan. We decided to re-assert the three priorities for the 2024-25 Plan, which we had put forward in recent years:

  • Improvement and subsequent maintenance of the various side-roads in Swarland which are owned by NCC but are not ‘adopted’. These include Nelson Drive, Percy Drive, Ferny Bank and various other sections of road which have been adopted only in part. We believe that NCC are already working on this, but we want to emphasise our support and the urgency
  • Safe pedestrian access from Newton to the X15 bus service, preferably with new bus stops on the A1.The nearest bus stops presently are in Hampeth, a mile and a half away along 60 and 70mph roads.
  • A safe pedestrian route alongside lower Leamington Lane, to aid access to the X15 bus service. Only the boldest and fittest residents can access this service presently, so there is far too much dependency on private cars.

We will not receive a formal response until next Spring, but we expect some progress on the Swarland side-roads much sooner.

2 thoughts on “Better Roads and Paths

  1. Is there a bus service in NE65 please, thank you

    1. Heather
      My apologies for the lateness in replying to your queries. Yes, there is a bus service in our Parish which started a couple of weeks ago. It runs on Saturday and is a hail and ride service. We also have a NEED bus which runs on Wednesdays but this is a service you have to book.
      I am just updating the information on how to access the services and will send it to you later this week hopefully.
      Jan Anderson

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