Neighbourhood Plan

About the Neighbourhood Plan

In England the law requires that planning decisions are made in line with planning law and with the National Planning Policy Framework. Part of this framework is made up of the Local Plan and any Neighbourhood Plans that have been developed.

The Newton on the Moor and Swarland Parish Council have agreed that a Neighbourhood Plan should be prepared for our Parish. Northumberland County Council have, at the request of the Parish Council, designated the Parish as a Neighbourhood Plan Area.

A Neighbourhood Plan will:

  • relate to a wide range of planning and regeneration issues: social, economic, and environmental;
  • detail the vision our communities have for the future of the villages within the Parish;
  • enable our communities to take the lead in producing this document;

Once made, it will form part of the statutory development plan and have ‘weight’ when Northumberland County Council make planning decisions.

The Locality Network, a national network for community organisations have developed a Roadmap Guide to help local groups to develop a Neighbourhood Plan. More information about Neighbourhood Planning can be found here.

In May 2023, nine local residents from within the Parish and four Parish Councillors agreed to help to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan. They have formed a Steering Group that will:

  • review existing evidence on key matters for the Parish using documents such as the Parish Plan, the last Census and the documented history for the Parish;
  • ensure that as many people and businesses within the Parish as possible are approached for their views;
  • prepare a questionnaire for residents of and businesses within the Parish to complete so that a range of views have been canvassed;
  • help identify overall aims for future development and growth within the Parish.

Using all the information gathered, and working with advisors, they will then prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish Council to submit to Northumberland County Council for approval.

This Presentation from NCC gives some background information, together with a Profile of the Parish.

The Steering Group has been set up by the Parish Council under these Terms of Reference.