Speed Monitoring

The Highways Department has recently shared the results of speed monitoring which has been carried out in Swarland and Newton on the Moor.

There were two monitoring points in Swarland – one on Leamington lane and a second on the Avenue near the junction to Chesterwell. They were active for 24 hours a day for seven days.

On Leamington Lane the average speed was 34 mph and on the Avenue it was 29 mph.

A similar exercise was carried out in Newton on the Moor near the Cook and Barker, where the average speed was found to be 17 mph going south and 14 mph going north.

Highways have advised the Parish Council that these speeds are not regarded as excessive and so there will be no further action taken. However the PC has requested for further monitoring to take place near the Jubilee Hall and will share these results when they are available.

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